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Sunday, October 31, 2010

31th of October

Mary Lou Lord - Live City Sounds

Live City Sounds

Boston subway station player, friend of Kurt Cobain and Elliott Smith, record this album live in Boston subway back in 2001. This is good example how to make cover sounds like your own song. Even the Boss' Thunder Road sound like her own song. Pity she is less active because of rare vocal chord disorder 'spasmodic dysphonia'. 

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

6th of October
Midlake - Fortune

Fortune - EP

God knows I tried to like them. They were recommended to me by my good friend whose musical taste I respect but he didn't tell me neither that they were jazz students (from jazz they borrowed the least important thing - competence on their instruments) nor that their favorite bands are Radiohead and Jethro Tull (from Radiohead they borrowed quasi-intellectual pose, from Jethro Tull those ever-changing musical directions). Overall impression - flat, boring and meaningless.
26th of September
Charles Manson - Air


Only Jandek's music is less coherent than Charles Manson's. That doesn't mean that Jandek is crazier of the two. I must admit I have a prejudice knowing that he organized the murder of Sharon Tate and others. Because of that I experience his music as mean and unpleasant. I don't intend to listen to it again.