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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fatneck Friends!

They are all singer/songwriters, they are all / americana / folk artists, they are all damn good and they all have fat necks (literally)

The first, John Moreland, from Tulsa, Oklahoma! His second album is just as good as his first and the best thing is you can listen to them for free on his bandcamp page.

The second, Bradford Loomis from Seattle, Washington! His first album is gospel influenced folk, also free to listen on bandcamp.

The third, Austin Lucas from Bloomington, Indiana! His 8th album Stay Reckless is not on Bandcamp, so I gave you preview of the album from Soundcloud and his previous album from Bandcamp. I strongly recommend buying new album, it's the best of him to date.

The last but not the least, The White Buffalo(real name Jake Smith) from LA, California, who's new album Shadows, Greys & Evil Ways is out September the 10th (new track will be added every Tuesday on it's YouTube playlist), has set the standards pretty high with his previous album "Once Upon a Time in the West", my number two album on 2012 list.