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Thursday, January 13, 2011

13th of January
John Carter Cash - Family Secret

The Family Secret

Gene for beauty went to Carlene Carter, gene for musical talent went to Roseanne Cash and what's left to poor John? Not much, he became producer. We would all live in peace with that, but he made a mistake, he wanted to make record on his own. How does it souns? It sounds like every record made by producer-wanna-be-artist. Boring, pretentious, empty, incoherent. By the way, the only producer who helped the produced (I mean, really help!) coming to my mind is Martin Hannett, who transformed average post-punk band Warsaw to eerie and spacious now legendary Joy Division creating the whole new genre during the process! But, let's get back to our hero, poor John Carter Cash. He has yet to choose what he want to be: classical pianist, heavy metal guitar hero, Foreigner follower, ambient artist .....Whatever he decides, he did reveal the best kept family secret - our dear son has no talent at all!