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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

19th of January
Andrew Combs - Tennessee Time EP

Tennessee Time

Young Andrew Combs has that rare kind of voice to make you cry in a moment. It's not what he sings, but how he does that! Just listen to Hummingbird and you'll know what I mean. If he penned this song himself, he'll be a big star but even if he just sung it, it's good enough for youngster like him! Another great plus for him is his ability to provoke maternal feelings in ladies (I know few examples!) and that surely won't make it harder for him. On the contrary!

strajnic’s Music Profile – Users at

strajnic’s Music Profile – Users at

Thursday, January 13, 2011

13th of January
John Carter Cash - Family Secret

The Family Secret

Gene for beauty went to Carlene Carter, gene for musical talent went to Roseanne Cash and what's left to poor John? Not much, he became producer. We would all live in peace with that, but he made a mistake, he wanted to make record on his own. How does it souns? It sounds like every record made by producer-wanna-be-artist. Boring, pretentious, empty, incoherent. By the way, the only producer who helped the produced (I mean, really help!) coming to my mind is Martin Hannett, who transformed average post-punk band Warsaw to eerie and spacious now legendary Joy Division creating the whole new genre during the process! But, let's get back to our hero, poor John Carter Cash. He has yet to choose what he want to be: classical pianist, heavy metal guitar hero, Foreigner follower, ambient artist .....Whatever he decides, he did reveal the best kept family secret - our dear son has no talent at all!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

9th of January
Turnpike Troubadours - Diamonds and Gasoline

Diamonds & Gasoline

Hank Williams' Lost Highway was toll free back then, but on future Appalacian Highway tolls will have to be payed. Tolls for leaving your roots behind, tolls for "so called" civilized life. Split Lip Rayfield will fare thee well from your mountain home, Turnpike Troubadours will meet you on the road to your new life just to remind you what you left behind. They can not save you from temptations, but echo of their songs can follow you all the way and help you make it through. That's more than enough for a musical group!