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Thursday, October 18, 2012

18th of October 2012

Jake Bugg - Jake Bugg (2012)

Who is this guy remind you of? The majority of you would say Bob Dylan for sure. And the majority of you would be right. But it's not that simple, it's not just another regular "new Bob Dylan" candidate. His dangerous look on inadequate young face, his acoustic guitar and his simple jacket are "pro", but his songs (at least some of them) are "contra" epigone arguments. His songs are strongly reclined on the folk singer/songwriter tradition, his performance evokes the memory of Don McLean, one of the first "new Bob Dylans" from the beginning of the seventies. Young Jake personally admitted this connection in BBC interview, quoting "Vincent" as very important song to him (see videos below).

Why he showed up on the mainstream now (with some others, Ed Sheeran or Mumford and Sons, for example)? Because people are tired of alienating electronica, offensive rap and meaningless modern R'n'B, people need to get in touch with their own feelings, people need New Sensitivity!