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Saturday, April 30, 2011

30th of April

Project Jenny, Project Jan - Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

When Acqua overrun Boney M in stupidity I thought it was the end. I thought that nobody can go further in that direction. Unfortunately, I was wrong! It took fourteen years for somebody to beat Acqua's Barbie Girl. Their name is Project Jenny, Project Jan (pointless as can be), the name of the album is Home Sweet Home (unimaginative as can be), the most prominent instrument is Jew's Harp (irritating as can be). I am capable of forgiving those two guys if they swear they were only joking!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

23rd of April

Frank Sinatra - Best of Vegas

Best of Vegas

I have always been asking myself why I love Sinatra: because of  his blue eyes (I doubt that!), because of his turbulent private life (unlikely!), because of his daughter Nancy (that sounds reasonable, but still it's not completely true!)? Recently I did some thinking about the subject and you can read my conclusion below: I love him for his ability to convince us of the authenticity of emotions embedded in stories in his songs. He is so convincing, he'd make Disbelieving Thomas believe. I love him even more for his singing technique and ability to hold notes and sing above or behind the beat, giving a "floating" quality to his singing. To put it simple, he's got swing! In this album, Sinatra's in his natural environment, in Las Vegas. Sinatra in Vegas, it's like fish in water, so if you pick this one, you can't make mistake!

Friday, April 8, 2011

8th of April

PJ Harvey - Let England Shake

Let England Shake

Polly Jean and I,  we are friends for a long time. Back in the horrible nineties, she helped me a lot to channel my rage and redirect it in the right direction. She was the strongest female I met (not counting my wife), she had attitude, she had energy, she had more testosterone than most men. Unfortunately, life has separated us, I haven't heard much about her until we met again few days ago. As usual, she talked and I listened. As usual, it was pleasant and moving experience for me. She has changed (who didn't!?!), but I can tell you, she is still damn good! Testosterone turns into estrogen, but it is still so strong. Rage turns into angelic chants (with more than little nervousness in her voice). Dirty rock'n'roll turns into sophisticated experiment.But energy remains energy!