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Monday, August 6, 2012

6th of August 2012

The Stone Coyotes - A Wild Bird Flying

I won't valorize this record, I'll just paraphrase Jolie Holland from Old Fashioned Morphine "what was good enough for Lowell George, it's good enough for me" (Lowell covered one of early songs of Miss Barbara Keith, heart and mind of this band). The Stone Coyotes are actually family project: mom Barbara Keith sings and plays guitar, dad Doug Tibbles plays drums and son John Tibbles plays bass. Somebody described their music as "AC/DC meet Patsy Cline" but I don't completely agree with this statement. I'd rather say it's MC5 meet Bonnie Raitt, 'cause there's more rock'n'roll than hard rock in band's playing and more blues than country influences in her singing. But, those are just irrelevant nuances. You better listen for yourself HERE.

P.S. The final result of similarity reconsidering (after few more listenings) is Maria McKee and her band Lone Justice