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Friday, April 8, 2011

8th of April

PJ Harvey - Let England Shake

Let England Shake

Polly Jean and I,  we are friends for a long time. Back in the horrible nineties, she helped me a lot to channel my rage and redirect it in the right direction. She was the strongest female I met (not counting my wife), she had attitude, she had energy, she had more testosterone than most men. Unfortunately, life has separated us, I haven't heard much about her until we met again few days ago. As usual, she talked and I listened. As usual, it was pleasant and moving experience for me. She has changed (who didn't!?!), but I can tell you, she is still damn good! Testosterone turns into estrogen, but it is still so strong. Rage turns into angelic chants (with more than little nervousness in her voice). Dirty rock'n'roll turns into sophisticated experiment.But energy remains energy!