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Thursday, March 17, 2011

17th of March
Jonathan Byrd - Cackalack


Educational role of rock'n'roll must not be ignored. This time we non Americans will learn two new words. Try to translate this sentence: "Scuppernong from Cackalack". You can't? Than, obviously, you are not from North Carolina (Cackalack) and you have never been in the Scuppernong river valley where Scuppernong white grapes are growing naturally in coastal area. Those two words now have additional new meanings. Cackalack is the name of Jonathan Byrd's third and best album so far, and Scuppernong is the name of the best song of this album. ....I am lonely, darling keep me warm.........I am broken, darling take me home .......deep in the shade of shallow Scuppernong........I am restless, darling let me go.....