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Thursday, September 13, 2012

13th of September

..И ДРУГ МОЙ ГРУЗОВИК... "Годы Геологов" (2012)
(..And My Friend Truck - Geological Years)

Average internet addict from the Western World knows very little about Ukraine. He have maybe heard about Yulia Tymoshenko's ( Юлія Володимирівна Тимошенко) hair braid or soccer skills of Andriy Shevchenko (Андрі́й Микола́йович Шевче́нко) but about Ukrainian rock music he haven't heard nothing. I'll try to correct this by writing about the group И ДРУГ МОЙ ГРУЗОВИК and their new album Годы Геологов. My handicap is the fact that I don't understand a damn word from their songs but I have strong feeling that the lyrics are very important for this band. Maybe my friend Viktor Starodub who introduced me to ..And My Friend Truck will help me with this issue, but nevertheless I will dare to suppose that they sing or rather speak about politics (in a narrow or broad sense). Musically, it is indie rock with strong rhythm section and a singer who is talking the words supported with backing vocals every time the listener gets bored with that "talking blues". Keeping in mind there's only three of them, they are making pretty good noise! See them jamming with Damo Suzuki, legendary singer of German krautrock group Can.

See their clip "Otto Sander"

During the writing of this review it was inevitable to think about two Serbian groups, one with the same line-up (drums, bass and vocals), very influental in Serbian rock last 30+ years, Disciplin A Kitschme (see a clip from their last album "Uff!")

and the other, with similar vocal style, Goribor (see a clip from their last album "Evo je Banja")

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