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Monday, August 13, 2012

13th of August

Chavela Vargas - 30 Exitos - Voz y Sentimiento (1994)

Chavela Vargas (b. 17th of April 1919 in San Joaquin de Flores, Costa Rica d. 5th of August 2012 in Cuernavaca, Mexico) was, in my opinion, among the best female singers ever lived, alongside with Billie Holiday and ......hmmm......that's it! To be really great artist, you have to have that pain inside you that tears you apart and that bursts out of your mouth when you sing. Listen to Esta Tristeza Mia, En El Ultimo Trago, Mi Segundo Amor, La Noche De Mi Mal, Con Mis Propias Manos or any other song from this extraordinary collection, and you'll see her whispering, crying, roaring, screaming.......emitting emotions of such quantity and intensity, almost unbearable for average today's listener. The title of this album Voz y Sentimiento precisely describes Chavela in two words - Voice and Feeling.

P.S. It would be a crime not to mention the ingenious guitar playing of Antonio Bribiesca

Finally, link to the one of my favorite Chavela's songs not on this album: