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Sunday, July 10, 2011

10th of July

Beirut - Rip Tide

Young Zach Condon, Sante Fe, New Mexico, unintentionally has done the unpossible - he has managed to conceal two opposed poles of Serbia. One traditional, symbolized by Guča Brass Festival and the other progressive, symbolized by Exit Festival in Novi Sad.  Few days ago, on Exit's main stage, while he was playing Serbian traditional that belongs to Guča "Kad sam bio mlađan lovac ja" (When I was teenage hunter)  the crowd clymaxed in approval.  He showed them how to conceal heart and mind, East and West, traditional and modern. He showed us that those things shouldn't be antagonized, on the contrary, they should be used together to give us new quality. In Beiruts new album, he did exactly that adding all his intelligence and talent in it. The final result is album sounding much better than any Goran Bregović's album will ever sound!

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