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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

31th of July 2012

Jon Dee Graham - Garage Sale (2012)

Once member of legendary band True Believers with Alejandro and Javier Escovedo, Austin, Texas born Jon Dee Graham is experienced man. He himself told us so in first few verses of his new album... I've pulled the torn from the paw of the lion, I snatch a fang from the jaw of the snake, I've stole the coins from the eyes of my enemy, And now I am unafraid....and we believe him. His tomwaitsesque voice tells us that his life was "passing through thick and thin" and natural consequence is becoming fearless. The second peak of the album is "Oh Dearest One" sung with Erin Ivey, tender song dedicated to his second son who suffers from rear chronic childhood Legg-Perthes disease. But, as any great love song, it could be about anybody you cherish and care about. These two songs would be enough to make this my album of the year, but Jon Dee, maybe to prove that he really is "unafraid", published "Radio UXTMAL (Venceremos)", electro-funk song that almost ruined the whole atmosphere of the album. Pity!

Listen HERE

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