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Friday, September 21, 2012

21st of September

The Trishas - High, Wide & Lonesome (2012)

Corb Lund - Cabin Fever (2012)

The Trishas and Corb Lund have two things in common. Country background and down-to-earth approach. For many people that's enough to bypass them in wide arc, for the others like me, it's compliment. If you expect them to be innovative or adventurous (in musical terms), go somewhere else, but if you want sincere and heartfelt music stay and enjoy. 

The Trishas (Jamie Wilson, Kelley Mickwee, Liz Foster and Savannah Welch) they took their name because they covered Savannah's father's Kevin Welch composition that had become a hit for Trisha Yearwood. Those Texan girls already had their careers when they met on tribute concert for aforementioned Kevin back in 2008 and stayed together ever since. Surprisingly, their career goes very slow knowing how perfect their harmonies are, how fresh they look and how strong is that tear-jerking quality in their singing. I doubt they'll ever be Dixie Chicks, not because the lack of quality but because the lack of urge. They are singing for their own fun, they are singing for the sake of the song! Only the title of the album "High, Wide & Handsome" remains mystery to me - is it entitled by Rouben Mamoulian's movie musical starring Irene Dunn, Doroty Lamour and  Randolph Scott or by Loudon Wainwright III project about legendary banjo picker Charlie Poole. Neither makes sense, so I suppose it's only coincidence.

Corb Lund is real cowboy who's in love with his Alberta, Canadian State, his cows and his music. Song titles like "Bible on the Dash", "Cows Around", " Drink It Like You Mean It" or "(You Ain't a Cowboy) If You Ain't Been Bucked Off" spoke for themselves - the thematic range and performance leave no doubt about the respect for the tradition and for the canons of the genre. However he is not abusing the genre's common ground because he's got good taste not exaggerating in anything. He definitely proved his good taste inviting Turnpike Troubadours as special guest stars to his Cabin Fever 2012 Tour.

The Trishas - Liars and Fools Live

Corb Lund with Hayes Carll - Bible on the Dash

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