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Friday, March 8, 2013

8th of March 2013

Son Volt - Honky Tonk (2013)

After the break-up of Uncle Tupelo, proto americana band whose song No Depression (cover of The Carter Family song) gave name to at least one magazine and one music genre, Jeff Tweedy and Jay Farrar separate their ways. The first-mentioned ended up in a band (Wilco) that has become, after some wandering, the new R.E.M (to make myself clear, that's not such a bad thing, on the contrary). The second, our today's hero, Jay Farrar, kept up with his new band Son Volt where Uncle Tupelo left. He kept up with researching american traditional music during long meandering career, full of stops and go's. Now, twenty years from the birth of Son Volt, he is ready to give us a real masterpiece, by far the best album of this year and the best of his career too. Violins and slide guitars, with the coat of dust over every song here make us think of time passes by, of long forgotten dreams we had, of lost and found love. It's about the travel too. Road travel and the spiritual one!

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